About Us

Our Mission

Based in the heart of the historic town of Stony Stratford, Hansford and Sons Gallery is proud to shine a light on the works of exciting, emerging, international artists. The Gallery is proudly run by the dedicated team at Hansford And Sons Fine Art, as an additional branch of the business.

Every month, the Gallery presents at least 2 different exhibitions, showcasing the work of our Emerging Artist Platform members. We are proud to make the art world more accessible to both buyers and sellers! With a friendly, personable Gallery environment, it fills us with joy to invite you to pop in and admire the artwork on display.​

At the Gallery, we also love to give back to the community by inviting local artists to exhibit their work and network with one another. Our community group exhibitions are extremely popular and are the perfect way for us to thank the community of Stony Stratford for supporting our business. 


Hansford And Sons Fine Art are a UK based art investment company delivering advice and alternative investment solutions to both collectors and investors in the UK and internationally.

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What is the Emerging Artist Platform?

Hansford and Sons Fine Art are also incredibly proud to run their Emerging Artist Platform. This is an online gallery, where EAP members from all over the world can submit and sell their artwork. EAP members are also invited to exhibit their work at Hansford And Sons Gallery as an added incentive of subscribing to the platform.